Best Faith Quotes – 100 Plus Most Powerful Quotes On Faith

100 + Faith Quotes For Spiritual Awakening

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Trusting God is one thing but to put God first in every part of your life needs courage and faith. These Faith quotes will restore your faith in almighty, Our beloved Jesus Christ and the holy spirit that fills our life.

Many times in life, we are faced with circumstances that are out of our control, but we insist on fighting them with our own strength, and more often than not, we feel defeated and develop feelings of self-pity. It is at these times that we specifically need to trust God and rebuild our faith in him because he is our savior, father, and friend.

Being faithful means being fearless, and walking by faith necessitates stepping out by faith. It is written in the Bible that if we have even a mustard seed of faith, we can move mountains.

Read Below Quotes on Faith to deepen your faith in God and become free, fearless and faithful –

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“Faith in the hereafter is as necessary for
the intellectual, as for the moral character
and to the man of letters, as well as the
Christian, the present forms but the slightest portion of his existence.”

– Southey.

Faith in God hallows and confirms the
union between parents and children, and
subjects and rulers, Infidelity relaxes
every band, and nullifies every blessing.


“Infidelity and Faith look both through the same perspective-glass, but at contrary ends. Infidelity looks through the wrong end of the glass ; and, therefore, sees those objects near which are afar off, and makes great things little, diminishing the greatest spiritual blessings, and removing far from us threatened evils. Faith looks at the right end, and brings the blessings that are far off close to our eye, and multiplies God’s mercies, which, in the distance, lost their greatness. “

Bp. Hall.

“Let any of those who renounce Christianity, write fairly down in a book all the absurdities they believe instead of it, and they will find it requires more faith to reject Christianity than to embrace it.”

“Men with intellectual light alone may make advances without moral principle, but without that moral principle which gospel faith produces, permanent progress
is impossible.”

J. B. ‘Walker.

“Kind hearts are more than coronets, and simple faith than Norman blood.”


“To have known one good old man one man who, through the chances and mischances of a long life, has carried his heart in his hand, like a palm branch, waving all
discords into peace helps our faith in God in ourselves, and in each other, more than many sermons.”

G. W. Curtis.

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