Joel Osteen Quotes On Faith – Top 20 Eye-Opening Quotes

Joel Osteen Quotes on faith are honest reflections of faith towards god. In this article you will find Joel Osteen quotes on faith and prayers about faith. Joel Scott Osteen is an American preacher based on Huston, Texas

Faith is an action word; use these words in your daily life, work with your routine to incorporate faith, and in your prayers, ask God humbly for wisdom to have faith in him.

As written in scriptures –

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Hebrews 11:1 NKJ


“The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.”

Timothy 1:5 NIV 

God works in mysterious ways in my life; when I have complete faith in him, many things become simpler and easier; life with faith is full of joy and hope; and having faith in God helps me overcome my self-inflicted fear and insecurities. 

Joel Osteen quotes on faith are provided below for a quick boost of faith in your life – 

Top 20 Joel Osteen Quotes On Faith

joel osteen quotes on faith
  1. As you choose faith instead of fear, expecting good things and taking control of your thought lives, that negative stream will dwindle and the positive river will flow with faith-filled thoughts of victory.
  1. Stay full of faith, full of joy, full of hope. If you will transform your thinking, God will transform your lives.
  1.  “We’re going to wait with faith and patience because we know that it’s on the way.”
  1. God is looking for people who have a faith He can see. Not just a faith He can hear. Not just a faith that believes, but also a faith that is demonstrated.”
  1. We have our shields of faith.” Power up and get prepared for a blessed, victorious, faith filled day
  1. Rather than try to use your faith to control your circumstances, use your faith to control yourselves in the midst of those circumstances.
  1. When you give your faith a voice and send forth the Word of God, the Bible says that He watches over His Word to bring it to pass in your life.”
  1. Jesus said, “According to your faith it will be done to you.” He was saying in effect, “If the two of you have a cup, I’ll fill your cup with blessings. If you have a barrel, I’ll fill your barrel. But if you have a barn, I’ll fill your barn.”
  1. Sometimes in order to stay in faith you have to do as Jesus did and ignore a negative report. You have to ignore what somebody said about you and what your own thoughts are telling you.
  1. Don’t let that be you! Don’t go to your grave with your treasure still in you. Keep growing. Keep learning. Step out in faith and trust God.
  1. In your lives, there are always two voices competing for your attention— the voice of faith and the voice of defeat.
  1.  “No more speaking mediocrity, fear, or doubt. We’re choosing the voice of faith. We’re strong, healthy, and blessed. We are victors and not victims.”
  1.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed. But rather than complain and talk about how unfair it was, go deeper and instead have a report of faith, “All is well. God’s in control.
  1.  “When you’re constantly thinking about God’s goodness, how He’s protected, vindicated, and promoted you, not only will faith rise in your hearts, but it’s that attitude of expectancy that allows God to do great things.
  1.  “God is faithful. In the end, you will have the last laugh. He will bring justice into your lives.”
  1. Part of the good fight of faith is to stay hopeful in the dry seasons.”
  1.  “When you’re remembering the right things, you’re going to move forward in faith.”
  1. If you stay in faith, you will see favor that will make your lives easier.”
  1. A big part of faith is trusting God when you don’t understand why things happen the way they do
  1. God is saying to us, “If you can’t say anything full of faith, don’t say a word.” Don’t let your negative words keep you from God’s best.

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Joel Osteen’s Top 5 Prayers On Faith

  1. Father, thank You for the good treasures that You’ve deposited in me. I will stir up the gifts You have given me and I will be faithful to develop what You’ve entrusted to me. I declare I will reach my full potential! Help me, by Your Holy Spirit, to stay close to You and follow Your leading every step of the way in Jesus’ Name. Amen. 
  1. Father, thank You for Your faithfulness in my life. Today I choose to trust You with my past, present, and future. I am making the decision to move forward from this moment on. Give me wisdom to discern the seasons of my life and teach me to embrace the new things You have in store for me. I declare You have a new chapter for me filled with blessings, favor, and victory in Jesus’ Name! Amen
  1. Father in Heaven, thank You for Your loving-kindness and tender mercies. Thank You for giving me a measure of faith and the gift of Your Word that is a light to my path and a lamp to my feet. Help me grow in the knowledge of You and Your Word. Give me the spirit of wisdom and revelation. I declare I am getting stronger spiritually and in every area! I choose to set my heart and mind on Your Word and listen as You speak Your truth to my heart in Jesus’ Name. Amen!
  1. Father, we praise You that no matter what happens in our lives, You have the final say. Thank You that we can stay in faith and choose to not dwell on negative reports. We believe that as we get our thoughts in agreement with Your Word that we shall overcome in Jesus’ Name. Amen
  1. Father, thank You for Your loving-kindness. We humbly submit our thoughts and our words to You. Show us when we speak words of doubt, discouragement, and negativity so we can change. Help us to give our faith a voice by speaking Your Word daily in Jesus’ Name. Amen. 

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